Our company, Sultan Agency LLC, has started operations by selecting the head office of Moscow under the management of construction engineer and official realtor Ilker Tufan who has been in Russia for many years. Our company is aimed to help to investors who are considering to own their special real estate abroad, with the professionals first of all who are respectful to themselves and to the other people, with a life discipline, friendly, well-intentioned using wide range database.


While you are looking for a home, we know that you are looking for a way of life in which you will feel happy, peaceful and safe. As all Sultan Agency professionals, we understand your current needs and your plans for future, and we find the most suitable property what fits you perfectly. Everything is actually that simple, no stress, just enough for us that you know yourselves well. Take time to come and have a coffee together in our office, we will be happy to meet you and help you. Life is more beautiful under the sun.